Bob Bly, author of 100 books and the man McGraw-Hill calls "America's top copywriter," says...

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Dear Marketer:

Who knows "the world's best-kept copywriting secrets"?

The world's best copywriters, of course.

Men and women like the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis ... Ted Nicholas ... Yanik Silver ... Gary Bencivenga ... Bob Serling ... Ivan Levison ... George Duncan ... David Deutsch ... Clayton Makepeace ... Andrew Linick and Carl Galletti.

Normally, to get their copywriting secrets, you have to search the Internet ... find their Web sites ... spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase their products ... and spend days or weeks reading their material, listening to their audio programs, or watching their videos.

In some cases, you have to pay thousands of dollars ... and travel many miles ... to spend days soaking up their secrets at their Boot Camps.

But now there's a shortcut that can save you time and money - while selectively giving you the best and most powerful copywriting secrets from these top pros:

"The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets"

My name is Bob Bly, and McGraw-Hill calls me "America's top copywriter." I've been a copywriter for more than a quarter of a century, and a full-time freelance copywriter since 1982.

You've probably read promotions I've written for Phillips Publishing, Boardroom, Agora, Nightingale-Conant, Kiplinger, Forbes, IBM, and dozens of other clients.

Or maybe you've seen The Copywriter's Handbook or one of the more than 90 other books I've written.

When you've been around as long as I have, you get a good feel for which of the copywriting programs out there are the real deal ... and which are over-hyped crap.

You also get to know the top copywriting gurus on a first-name basis. I am proud to call many of them colleagues, and even friends.

When you have friends, you can ask them for favors ... and that's exactly what my editor David Schaible and I have done.

I went to my copywriting connections, and asked them, "What's your single strongest copywriting tip I could share with my readers?"

Of these copy wizards, 30 answered - sending me their strongest copywriting secret ... absolutely terrific stuff!

David and I have edited and collected more than four dozen of these power-packed copywriting methods in our ebook, The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets.

It's yours to examine risk-free for 90 days when you click below now:

The secret of the "monkey's fist"

Did you ever order a home study course or manual, only to be dismayed when, upon its arrival, you discover it's in three big binders with four DVDs and 20 CDs?

Daunted, you put it on the shelf promising to get to it "later." A year passes, and by then, you're on to something else, not to mention out of pocket for the cost of material you've never reviewed.

The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets, by comparison, gives you just 49 powerful copywriting techniques, hand-picked by me for their usefulness and originality.

In just 133 tightly written pages, we've cut all the fluff, and just left you the meat.

You literally can read The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets in an evening or two ... then start putting them to work increasing the response of the copy you write the very next morning!

Here's just a sampling of the incredibly potent copywriting methods you'll find in The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets ... yours to examine risk-free in the privacy of your home or office:

  • How the great Ted Nicholas added an extra $2 million profit on a single mailing. It's on page 78.
  • Do you believe the copywriting manuals that tell you, "Always write in plain English; never use jargon"? This little-known secret by marketing guru Bob McCarthy will shock and surprise you ... and make your copy MUCH stronger. Page 51.
  • Rosser Reeves' "lost" 3-part formula for writing a winning Unique Selling Proposition or "USP." Page 3.
  • Opera singer's communication secret can make you a better copywriter. Page 49.
  • Survey of top headlines shows they all contain this single powerful word. Hint: It's not the word you think. Page 65.
  • Living legend Gary Bencivenga reveals "the secret of the monkey's fist." Every copywriter alive needs to master this technique - including me! Page 24.
  • The world's most powerful tool for making sure every headline you write is a winner: the secret of the 4 U's. Page 22.
  • What haiku poetry can teach you about writing clear, concise, amazingly effective copy ... especially for catalogs. Page 44.
  • 7 steps to getting past "writer's block," regaining your momentum, and writing great copy in time to meet even the tightest deadline. Page 33.
  • The secret of the "secondary promise" ... how to get prospects to order your product even if they don't believe the big, huge claim you've made in your headline. Page 15.
  • Yanik Silver reveals the "hidden logic" most marketers don't get that can help you sell more high-priced products -- online and offline. Page 75.
  • How many times have you read in copywriting tutorials, "Stress features; forget benefits." On page 50, top copywriter George Duncan tells you why this is wrong ... and how to sell more products with the secret of "intellectual validation."
  • Multiplying your copy's power with the "So what?" test. Page 21.
  • What Ray Romano and a successful direct mail package have in common. Page 45.
  • How a handyman can help "fix" your advertising - and cross-sell more products to more customers. Page 17.
  • Generate more sales leads with surveys by following this proven format. Page 41.
  • Why copy that consumers don't like to read - and even makes them angry - can outsell pleasing and pleasant copy. Page 19.
  • How to create powerful headlines - in just 10 minutes - with your "reptilian brain." Page 5.
  • Which sounds better in copy: "over a decade" or "more than 11 years"? Herschell Gordon Lewis' "generic determination rule" for using numbers in your copy. Page 14.
  • How to get your client to practically write the copy for you: extracting pearls from other people's brains with the art of interviewing. Page 37.
  • Clayton Makepeace's proven outline for writing control-beating DM packages. It's worth at least $1,000, and it starts on page 88.
  • Transform your guarantee from a risky liability into a sales-producing asset. Page 90.
  • How to write short, simple letters that reactivate inactive accounts and generate thousands of dollars in additional sales from "lost" customers. Page 82.
  • Get the media to close more sales for you - for free - than your paid advertising alone could ever do. Page 98.
  • Making the sale when your offer is a "nice to have" or "should have" and not a "must have" product. Page 117.
  • Top Internet marketer Joe Vitale reveals how to become a multi-millionaire by getting "intimate" with your customers. Page 92.
  • How to take your copywriting to the next level by doing this one simple thing each evening instead of watching television. Page 101.
  • What "Star Trek" can teach you about writing more credible copy - and getting your prospects to trust you. Page 125.
  • 12 things you can say in your "lift letter" to boost response rates to your direct mail packages. Page 119.
  • How Jerry Seinfeld's comedy formula can help you close more and bigger sales, more often. Page 96.
  • 5 steps to writing powerful copy that gets dealers, VARS, distributors, and other resellers to carry and promote your product line. Page 113.
  • What bear hunting can teach you about writing copy your prospects find sincere and believable. Page 122.
  • How to handle the competition in your copy - what to say, what to avoid, how to get the prospect to prefer your product over all others. Page 110.
  • Robert Collier's simple yet profound approach for immediately connecting with your prospect's innermost fears, concerns, and desires. Page 94.
  • Writing copy that must appeal to multiple audiences? Here's how to pull it off in print ads ... collateral ... direct mail ... Web sites ... e-zines. Page 115.
  • Marketing 101 teaches the "4 P's" of marketing. But can you name the forgotten "fifth P"? Ignore it at your peril. Page 105.
  • David Deutsch's 7 time-tested ways to make more compelling, order-boosting guarantees in your copy. Page 90.
  • Marketing secrets of the world's greatest thinkers. Page 107.
  • The most common copywriting mistake marketers make - and how to avoid it. Page 100.
  • Should you lie or be deceptive in your advertising? The answer may shock you. Page 102.
  • How to write short, simple letters that reactivate inactive accounts and generate thousands of dollars in additional sales from "lost" customers. Page 82.
  • And so much more....

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The world's best-kept copywriting secrets ... yours for less than $1 each.

You know that hiring copywriters ... or buying copywriting courses ... can be incredibly expensive.

There are copywriters out there who will charge you $5,000 to $10,000 to write a single promotion for you - without telling you their secrets or educating you on how they did it.

There are publishers selling copywriting boot camps for $4,000 to $5,000 ... and home study courses ranging from $100 to $500 and up.

These copywriters and publishers command high fees. Their customers realize the incredible boost great copy can give their bottom line ... and will pay almost any price to get it.

But I'm tired of all these hype-filled promoters selling overpriced copywriting programs. I wanted to make really great copywriting techniques available on an affordable basis.

That's why I've deliberately priced The World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets low.

I can afford to do that because it's an ebook. There's no printing or shipping cost. The e-book is delivered as a downloadable PDF file.

Publishing in the ebook format keeps my expenses low. And, rather than charge an outrageous price and keep all the profits, I've decided to pass some of these savings on to you, the consumer.

That's why I've decided to give you the World's Best-Kept Copywriting Secrets not for $10,000 ... or $5,000 ... or even $500.

The price of this ebook is just $39 ... about what you'd pay to go out to lunch today with a friend or coworker.

That comes to less than one dollar per copywriting secret!

Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

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Bob Bly, Copywriter

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